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In California, parents have an obligation to financially support their children. In paternity actions, divorces, and legal separations involving children, child support is usually unavoidable. This means that in most family law cases involving children, one parent will have to pay the other parent child support in some amount.

Child support is generally calculated pursuant to California’s guideline child support formula, although there are ways to deviate from it. The child support guideline formula is an algebraic equation used to determine the appropriate amount of child support in most cases. Among some of the factors considered under the guideline formula are the gross incomes of each of the parties, the parental timeshare based on the child visitation schedule, tax filing status, and various deductions and expenses, such as health insurance costs and 401(k) contributions. Any child support order will impact any spousal support order made by the court.

Given the intricacies involved in determining each factor considered in a child support calculation, you would be greatly benefited from the guidance and advice of a knowledgeable and tenacious attorney like Ian Van Leer. Often, issues arise in determining each parties’ income and deductions and obtaining sufficient proof of the other party’s income. There may also be issues arising with unemployed parties and orders to seek work.

At The Law Office of Ian Van Leer, we will work with you to identify all possible contentions and defenses regarding child support in your case so they may be appropriately raised in court. Whether you need to reduce your child support obligation to account for your financial hardships or reduced income, or whether you need to increase the support paid to you because of job loss or the other party’s increase in income, our firm can help. We also assist with Income Withholding Orders and represent clients involved in cases before the Department of Child Support Services.

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