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Domestic violence restraining order laws, set forth in the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, are a necessary part of California family law for the protection of those victimized by domestic violence. However, domestic violence laws can also be abused by those making meritless claims. The repercussions for both committing domestic violence and for falsely accusing another of domestic violence can be substantial. For these reasons, among others, it is important to be well-advised and informed of your rights. The Law Office of Ian Van Leer can help you formulate your request for or defense against a domestic violence restraining order.

Domestic violence restraining orders are often requested on account of physical abuse or the credible threat of serious and imminent physical harm, although there may be other grounds for requesting a domestic violence restraining order. Generally, the abuse must be committed by a member of the family or someone sharing a particular relationship with the victim to fall under the purview of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act. A domestic violence restraining order may have a significant impact on child custody and visitation orders and/or spousal support orders.

Domestic violence is a very serious issue that, when left unaddressed, can have substantial negative affects on the victim and their loved ones over time. However, the emotional and psychological difficulties in reporting abuse and seeking a restraining order are also well documented by psychologists. If you or someone you know is the victim of domestic violence, it may be worthwhile to contact the proper authorities. Additionally, a compassionate and tactful attorney with experience handling domestic violence restraining order requests, like Ian Van Leer, can help you seek the protection you need. The Law Office of Ian Van Leer will stand up for you in court and by your side through the process. We have experience successfully obtaining and defending against domestic violence restraining order requests.

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