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Dissolution of marriage is the more formal legal term for divorce cases in California. Dissolution of marriage laws and the family court division of the Superior Court govern and oversee all California divorce and legal separation actions. This includes heterosexual and same-sex marriages, as well as domestic partnerships.

Broadly defined, dissolution of marriage involves the termination of a couple’s marital status, division of their property, a determination of spousal support, and often the payment of attorney fees and costs. When a couple has children, dissolution of marriage also involves child support and child custody and visitation. Legal separation, in essence, is comprised of all of these issues, except for the termination of marital status.

Just as every family is unique, so is every divorce. This is why The Law Office of Ian Van Leer creates a personalized and strategic approach to your case. With our firm, your case will be handled on an individualized basis, to fit the needs of you and your family.

The Law Office of Ian Van Leer will provide you with the guidance, sympathy, and perspective necessary to take you through the divorce process while minimizing the impact on you and your loved ones. While it takes two people to get married, divorce is the most individualized and personal decision you can make. No one but you can decide what you want and need for yourself and your family, although there are inevitably those who will try to tell you otherwise. In the face of the difficultly of divorce, we stand up for you in court and stand beside you throughout the process. We will sympathetically guide you through the most difficult decisions and provide a necessary perspective, taking into account both your goals and your realistic legal position. When represented by Ian Van Leer, you can put your own life first and let us handle your lawsuit.

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