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The Law Office of Ian Van Leer has a diverse Family Law practice including all family and divorce issues. Broadly defined, family law is the area of law and system of courts governing parent-child relationships and support, marital relationships, and marital property interests. See below for a more detailed list of family law issues.

While there are many particular family law issues, at the heart of every family law case is a personal relationship or financial interest, or both. At The Law Office of Ian Van Leer, we know how personal and important your family law issues are to you, so we approach each case with a specific strategy designed to bring you the best results, while limiting the impact of the case on you and your family.

Handling any family law case requires a personalized and strategic touch, whether it's divorce, a child custody issue, or a dispute over spousal support. Our firm provides tactful guidance specifically aimed at accomplishing your desired results, with the effect of minimizing your costs and reducing the effect the case has on you and your family. Whether using diplomatic negotiation or more aggressive litigation, we tailor our legal representation to fit your personal and financial goals, while ensuring that you understand the process and legal significance of each action taken in your case. Our firm’s personalized and strategic approach to family law results in cost-effective and results-oriented legal representation for you. With The Law Office of Ian Van Leer, you can rest assured that we work with the specific intent of efficiently accomplishing your goals, so you can put your life before your lawsuit.

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