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A premarital agreement (traditionally and commonly referred to as a "prenuptial agreement" or "prenup") is a contract regarding property and other rights and obligations relating to marriage/separation entered into by a couple intending to marry. Once entered into, the terms and effects of a premarital agreement are typcially not implicated until a dissolution of marriage or legal separation case is initiated by one of the parties. A marital agreement is a contract entered into by a married couple and affecting the couple’s property or other rights. There are many legal procedures, requirements, and limitations to the terms and contents of both marital and premarital agreements. Contact The Law Office of Ian Van Leer today at (510) 208-1954 or (415) 906-9486 to learn more.

Premarital agreements are sometimes necessary for a couple or one person to feel comfortable entering into a legal marriage. If concerns over property or support are all that is stopping you from marrying your significant other, a premarital agreement may be your solution. The Law Office of Ian Van Leer has experience representing clients through the successful negotiation, drafting, and signing of a premarital agreement. With our personalized and strategic approach, we can assure that your goals are met before you sign any agreement. We can also help you challenge a previously entered premarital agreement during your dissolution of marriage or legal separation case.

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