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The division of a couple's marital assets and debts is an indispensable part of any dissolution of marriage or legal separation. There are many legal principles, along with complex legal definitions, impacting the division of property, among which are community property and separate property laws. There are also specific rules pertaining to the tracing of separate property, community property business interests, retirement accounts and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, and other particular property items. Contact us today at (510) 208-1954 or (415) 906-9486 to learn about specific types of property division.

Before property can be divided between you and your spouse, it is essential that all property is characterized as either community property or separate property. Broadly defined, separate property is any property acquired before marriage, after separation, or at any time under certain statutorily specified circumstances, such as by inheritance. Community property is generally defined as any property acquired during marriage, although there are some specific exceptions.

Other property division issues arise with regard to business ownership interests and retirement accounts. There are many California statutes and case-precedents regarding these two property items, as well as federal laws involving certain retirement accounts. Navigating through these intricate legal concepts without the assistance of an attorney can result in you not receiving the property you are legally entitled to. Contact The Law Office of Ian Van Leer today to protect your property rights and ensure that you receive what you are legally entitled.

Given the extent of the applicable law, as well as the intricacies involved with certain property items, the personalized and knowledgeable advice of The Law Office of Ian Van Leer is invaluable to you in ensuring that you receive the property you are owed. Parties often seek to take advantage of one another by hiding assets or mischaracterizing property as separate or community. With The Law Office of Ian Van Leer, we will help you understand the nature of your interest in your marital and separate property. More importantly, we strive to ensure that you receive what you are legally entitled to.

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